That First Song

Squeezing one’s head for ideas on what to write is surely taxing, so I decided to just start my player and write about the first thought that came to mind after hearing the first song that played. 

Then I cringed. I got Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Love’s on Its Way”. By the title, a predictable reaction would be to gush and say ‘ah, what a fitting song for the season!’. But hey, it’s actually a dark piece, and one that falls least on my CBR playlist. 

1. I never really thought i’d like her songs but Let Your Hair Down caught my fancy and I couldn’t stop listening to her since. 

2. Pessimism won’t ever be me. I tried, really tried to see just the worst in things but it’s too stressful and I end up digging for something nice to salvage, something beautiful to remember people and experiences by.

3. Darn, I’m needing to sleep but the mental machine is on overdrive. Thinking when there’s really not much to think about. It’s well oiled for sure, but I feel it’s running rusty. I need an overhaul.

4. Rainy days and Mondays don’t get me down.

5. Would be more interesting if the Angry Boy played instead. 


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