May 17, 2010: DAY 1

Today marks the first day of a personal challenge. I have, time and again, promised myself to write but one reason or another would creep up and prevent me from doing so.

The time of my resignation is drawing close and I will soon have more than enough time to spend doing what I love. I want this to be different. I refused to make any promises but I made a resolution to keep the pact and at least write one entry a day.

Maintaining a blog is a big responsibility. And I have to admit, I’ll have to include mindless jabber at times, then again, it wouldn’t be my blog without any gibberish. 🙂

They say it takes two weeks to build a habit. The next couple of weeks then would be critical to my personal challenge. I look forward to the nerve- wracking agony of forcing thoughts from mind to paper, err, laptop. It’s gonna be one bumpy ride, and I’m always up for an adventure!


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